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To be honest, we’re not crazy about the word “editing.”

Yes, we know it’s part of our name. (After all, you have to let people – and search engines – know what you do, right?) But it doesn’t do justice to what we really do here.

We don’t simply piece together footage. And we’re more than just a litany of “post production services.”

Instead, what we do is tell stories. Your stories.

We leverage our 25-plus years of experience to weave together moments that touch hearts and minds alike. And we work closely with talented producers, directors, cameramen, designers, audio engineers and grips to make it all happen as smoothly as possible.

We’re a group of like-minded craftspeople who all happen to love what we do.

And that’s a difference you can sense the moment you walk in our door.

our team.


Senior Editor / Managing Partner

You wouldn’t know it to look at him, but Barry actually got his start when editing was a “tape-to-tape” affair. Happily for him, (and the industry), 1987 brought nonlinear editing and the Avid. Barry dove in headfirst, and hasn’t come up for air since. He’s also the co-founder of the Bublr bike share system in MKE.


Editor /
Motion Graphics

Andy’s been part of the Mainly team for just over a decade now. And he’s only getting warmed up. He is always on the lookout finding those magical little moments – those “happy accidents” – that occur when an unplanned moment helps give a story a uniquely powerful perspective.


Editor / Junior Partner

Jeff’s 30 years of experience in television give him a unique perspective. Having witnessed the evolution of editing equipment, he knows that even though the tools may change, the role of the storyteller remains the same – to weave snippets of sound and imagery into a tapestry that communicates


Office Manager

Even in a place as deliberately informal as ours, there still needs to be someone helping move things along. So thank God for Sandy. From the day-to-day “necessaries” like answering phones and scheduling, to the finer points of client service, she makes sure the place keeps running like a well-oiled bike.

our partners.

Mad Max Designs

Offering over ten years of animation, design, and coolness. 3D and 2D animation, rotoscoping, effects, traditional animation & design.

5th Floor Recording Co.

A fixture in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward for 19 years, 5th Floor recording brings you HD voice tracking, original music production, ADR, sound effects and library music in two unique studios.With that comes proprietor/recordist Ray Fister and from St Louis comes our music specialist Lawton Hall. We pair well with Mainly Editing and Mad Max Designs or on our own.